The Ocean

My family and I spent two days and one night in beach cove up north. It was our first time doing so, vacationing by camping and with no means of external communications and electricity. We had the beach almost to ourselves though it was quite large and there were a handful of local people who lived there. It was that remote, and it's the most tranquil and beautiful place that I've been into so far.

As I took a dip in the beach on our first day, I walked a little far away from the shore (with the waters up to my chest) and tried to stay perfectly still while standing so I can have a view of the whole cove itself. But of course, the waves are there. They weren't alarming, but they never let me stay in place. I was always pushed a little here and there. And as I was being rocked softly by the waves, a realization hit me: God is like the ocean. He is like the waters because:

  • if you are in His presence (in the waters), He won't let you be still. He's constantly moving you, pushing you. He can't bear to see you stay where you are right now, and He does it so lovingly;
  • He's pushing you towards what's best for you--the greatest things He has in store for you! (I was there to marvel at the cove, but little did I know that I have my back towards a more majestic view: the warm and magnificent sunset. But He didn't let me miss that; He turned me a hundred and eighty degrees so I can marvel at His majestic craft.);
  • and His greatness is just overwhelming. And His grace, overflowing. (When I looked at the ocean towards where my eyes can reach no more, I was reminded that somehow, that's a visual representation of His love, compassion, and grace for me. And that's what all that surrounds me.)
I had such a wonderful time basking in His presence and being consumed with thoughts of Him as He points me to look at the things that He prepared me to see and look at. Every turn of my head, I know, aren't random. All were carefully planned by Him with painstaking detail so that I'd come to know Him and feel Him more!

I can never be grateful enough for everything. :]

For the earth will be filled
    with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord
    as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14) 

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