Whenever I'm hungry, I read and write.

One prominent character of mine that's been no secret to all is that I'm a wide reader. I attribute my love for writing and storytelling from that passion of mine. At this age, I've grown to love books, authors, novels and characters. I'm a bibliophile. I aspire to be a writer. I wanna read more and more.

Most of the books that I've read are contemporary novels. I get sucked up by a book that once that I'm reading (even if I'm at school) I'd probably shut out everyone around me. I mean, I might not even notice a fire going on inside the room that I'm in unless someone will snatch the book that I'm reading and yell at my face. Well, I haven't gone that far, but my friends tell me that it's possible if it's me.

But since I've started my walk with Him earlier this year, my hunger for wisdom and knowledge about His word deepened. Before I ventured into this walk, I was already curious and been a seeker about it. But after experiencing Him, it was different. Yes, He filled that deep, dark longing within me... but He also gave me this light and joyous hunger for Him. It's not the kind of hunger that'll put you off on a bad mood just because you don't know where to find the food to shut it. And since I know now where to turn to whenever I need my bread, I'm happy whenever I feel this hunger. And I am more blissful whenever I quench it.

Even before starting this blog, I've talked about my spiritual growth and experiences on my personal blog. I'm also reading a lot of blogs related to these. At present, I'm investing more of my 'book money' on inspirational, devotional and spiritual books. I'm thankful to have access on these resources of wisdom that strengthens my faith and boosts my knowledge in Him. With every stories or posts or books that I read (even aside from the Bible), I always feel like a child in awe of You. It's just so amazing. He's just so amazing!

And that's why I wanna share Him. Not just to my friends and to wherever my voice could reach! I wanna share Him wherever AND whenever! READ READ AND READ then WRITE WRITE AND WRITE ABOUT HIM AND FOR HIM~ I wanna invest more of my time and energy in knowing Him more not only through the Bible, but also from other people who are generous and courageous enough to share their stories to all!

And I smile for that.

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I'm home alone.

I'm on a short vacation break right now from school. My mom's away for an errand, my dad's working and my sibling's away for some internship. Literally, as of the moment, I'm home alone. Except for our pet dog, of course. The weather's cold and grey... it makes me gloomy.

But I'm smiling because of two things: one is because I have started this blog with my time alone. I prefer to write and let myself out by these pouring words whenever I'm alone. I find peace in it and I am at ease, knowing that no one in here would be able to even catch just a glimpse of my entries. It's kind of personal to me, you know.

Second is because I know that my family's coming home to me any minute now. Not every child have this security and confidence. I have a few friends whose families are broken, and their parents or siblings not being home is sort of common or just natural for them. I am thankful for my beautiful family, and how we manages to stick together through thick and thin. I am thankful that I know where they are and that they are safe. I am thankful knowing that at the end of the day, we'll all be under the same roof, warmed with love and cozy being with each other.

We're not a perfect family. I believe that nobody has that. But being whole and safe, I'm contented with that.

And I smile for that.

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