Who's Elle?

Hi! I'm CHRISTelle.

A future educator, a bibliophile, and a writer wanna-be.
But above all, I am His servant.
I never actually appreciated my 10-lettered name until I met Him.

A Princess of the King of Kings.
Bought with a price, SOLD.
Grown by God, SAVED.

This blog was formerly named (s)MILE (a)LONG

The background/idea behind my (s)MILE (a)LONG project:

I've had this idea a long time ago--taking accounts of whatever saddens or pains me at the moment and then coming up with two or more things to smile and be thankful about in order to compensate and forget about the frowning. I don't like frowning. And I believe that smiling's an essential expression of happiness and toughness. We are not going to be able to turn back time with being glum and down about the things that are burdensome to our present time; we're actually feeding that sadness, wasting more time and moments instead of dusting ourselves and focusing on how to get past it.

I know reminiscing's quite good, but we don't want to look back at our frowns, don't we? And to be honest, if I've had done this a long time ago, I bet my frown list's waaaaaay longer that my smile list. And that's what I wanted to change. To make my smile list more than a mile long... and going further. Having that in contrast with a shorter negative list, I'll be reminded of how blessed I am every single moment, and then, I'll be able to laugh about my worries.

Going through tough times clouds our perspective. I don't wanna be sucked up and be eaten by that nasty, filthy and dark feeling. I wanna be joyous, glorious and be positive with whatever comes my way. So anything goes! Whenever I feel that old, selfish feeling lurking around me, bringing me some bad news or just about anything to pin down my happy thoughts, I'll power up by remembering the things that'll lift me up. Looking for things that I should be thankful for despite the circumstances. Making things quite more memorable by thinking of what I should squeeze out of it and not thinking of how it squeezes me inside and out.

So be down and sulk about by a single thing, then remind yourself of two things that'll put that sadness to shame!

Let's make a mile-long list of smiles! :]
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