It's been a while...

...since I posted something up in here. My drafts have piled up, and I couldn't seem to come up with a satisfying entry even though God has showered and blessed me throughout this year. Maybe I've been too drawn into savoring and enjoying God's grace and surprises. And I've been frustrated on how I cannot encompass God's greatness moving within me through my works. I cannot do justice capturing His beauty and grandness!

And then I realized, of course, I can never do that. It's just that God is the greatest and the most wonderful Artist--the Master of all! He is UNCONTAINABLE! I can only try--and I've been embracing His greatness ever since--but I just won't amass the right words to fully express what can only be felt and experienced.

And so, I must learn to do away with these frustrations of mine. Now, I shall come back to glorifying Him through my humble writings.


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