Who's next?

Yesterday, Victory held its annual Leader's convergence: Discipleship 2014. It's a once a year gathering of all the Victory group leaders (and potential leaders, too!) to update everyone of the church's overall growth. But most importantly, this once a year event is being held to encourage the leaders to continue to strive for our ultimate goal and mission: to honor God and make disciples.

Last year's convergence was a great experience, but this one's even better! It was held in 15 different locations simultaneously all over Metro Manila (how awesome is that?!). Thank God for technology! Pastor Steve Murell (the founding pastor of Victory in Manila, Philippines) gave us a talk about what we are to do for the next years to come: to continue to honor God and make disciples. Basically, it's what Pastor Steve and her wife Deborah has been doing since they came to the Philippines 30 years ago, and they've cultivated this church with the culture of raising leaders that'll raise another leader to lead the next leaders. It's what's discipleship is: a never-ending chain of leadership with the goal of spreading the Gospel to more and more people. And we'll continue to do that for all the glorious days, months, years, and decades our Lord will bless us with.

I've come up with my own quote from last year's event, 'What wisdom do you have if you do not share it?' For this year, as we continue to live that passing on of the baton virtue, we're now asking, "Who's next?" Who's next that I'll engage with? Who's next that I'll establish the Word on? Who's next that I'll equip to be be the next discipler, just like how God has equipped me? And who's next that I'll empower to go forth and repeat this cycle with the next one, just like how God has empowered me to do to him?

My prayer now is to be able to meet the next person that I'll introduce to the greatest Lover, Teacher, and Friend... soon! :] I actually bought something from the event's special merchandise for my next disciple: this keychain! Ah, yes! I am this much excited for the next one, praying for her, buying her gifts, and all! *giggles*

[ Oh, and that book? It's Pastor Steve's latest one: 100 YEARS FROM NOW. It's not yet available here in the Philippines. Only the ones who attended Discipleship 2014 has a copy. And we got it for free! Can't wait to indulge this book! ]
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You may also go to discipleship.ph to get awesome Victory group materials for free!


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