Sleeping in, waking up.

Sun rays woke me up today as they warmed my feet, still curled up lazily in my bed. As I opened my eyes, I was greeted by a bright blue sky with clouds passing by my window, seeming to be saying "Hello princess  rise and shine!" I smiled. And I thanked God for such an awesome day He's blessed me with again.

Don't you just love those moments? When you've just woke up and technically, you haven't done anything and yet... you have that deep sense of awe and bliss inside of you? It's those moments when I feel the greatness of God the most--when He wakes me up and hands me a brand new day to live. Not just to pass or to let by... but to be lived. And I'm not gonna waste it.

I know for a fact that not everyone wakes up after they fall into deep slumber. And I know that there are countless people around the globe who are afraid of closing their eyes to sleep--fearing that what they're seeing now may be the last glimpse they'll ever have of this world. Honestly, I don't think this way. For me, sleep is an essential part of my life. I can't function well if I lack or skipped it. I sleep without even thinking of what may happen to me during those hours of unconsciousness. Or of what things may turn out after I wake up. I just... sleep. And I'm thankful that I can and will be able to wake up again.

There are so many things that God hands us down with everyday, and my favorite of it all is the gift of every day, as a whole. That security and assurance of a sunrise after every sunset. Of an energized body after a weary and tiring yesterday. Of light at the end of a long, pitch black night. A gift of hope and warmth, and a solid proof of His unending love and amazing grace showered upon us all.

Just like the salvation that He graced us with, it's a promise of a bright future--no matter how dark and blinding our past may have been. It's just like every blessing He's in store for us. It's always wonderful, just like Him. He's always wonderful.

And I smile for that... all day long. :]

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